A significant number of family offices globally are exploring ways to invest for impact. What is SRI or sustainable, responsible and impact investing? SRI is an investment program that considers environmental, social and corporate governance criteria to produce long-term financial returns that also have a positive social impact. Another acronym being used is ESG, which stands for environment, social and governance. ESG or SRI is something that can be accomplished in numerous ways, however typically ESG refers to investing in a community that serves the poor and underserved communities.
The Environment issue refers to clean technology, climate change, green building, pollution/toxics, etc.
The Social issue is relevant for safety issues, labor relations, diversity, human rights, eliminating poverty and workplace benefits
The Governance issue refers to contributions to political organizations, the diversity of the Board and Management, executive compensation etc.

For additional information on how to implement Impact Investing please see our article next week.

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