While we are still going through this very challenging time, we have all had more time to truly evaluate our current business, how it has been affected by the pandemic and what it will look like afterwards. Unfortunately, many businesses will not survive, some will and others will flourish.

Why not be on the WINNING TEAM?

The best time to evaluate your business and your most important asset- “HUMAN CAPITAL” is now. While many businesses were doing well before the pandemic, things will certainly not be the same in the short term and possibly forever.

Technology will continue to be at the forefront of most businesses and will determine whether they will succeed or not, however, you will still need the brightest and best people to run your company.

Today, many highly talented individuals who were not thinking of changing jobs/careers are now open to new opportunities. While technical skills are always essential, the “culture fit” has become the number one criteria for most companies. The second most important criteria is their “capability”.

Instead of waiting on the sidelines until the pandemic has been resolved, why not be proactive and do some planning today to get a head start on moving your business forward now.

Our forward thinking clients are evaluating their current management, deciding which people may need to be replaced or reassigned, and starting the process to define the role, culture fit criteria, technical skills needed, financing alternatives and the overall strategic plan for their business.

The Quest Organization, comprised of CPAs/MBAs with extensive backgrounds in finance, human capital, accounting and running entrepreneurial businesses, can assist you immediately.

We have been identifying the “best available athletes” for many years and for hundreds of Family Offices and closely held businesses. Our approach is holistic and customized for each client with the highest level of confidentiality and proficiency, which is why our Family Office practice has been so successful.

For a highly confidential and free initial consultation, please contact: Michael F. Rosenblatt, President of The Quest Organization at

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