While the pandemic appears to be far from over, with a significant amount of people getting vaccinated, most businesses are opening up and are finding it difficult to find quality employees.

There are a number of things that you can do to make your recruiting efforts more effective.

1. Hybrid work arrangement:

While many companies would like their employees to go back to full time work at the office, based upon a number of surveys that we have done, 68% of employees say that they will only go back to work on a “hybrid basis”. Since people have become accustomed to working at home and not having to travel, dress for work, find babysitters and be up and out by a specific time in the morning, we recommend offering a “hybrid” working arrangement for now. We suggest over a period of time asking your employees to increase their days in the office (if necessary).

2. Remote working:

If it is possible to have employees work remotely, that opens up a much larger population of candidates to fill your positions. We are finding candidates all over the country who are highly qualified for positions in other parts of the country and at a lower cost. While it may not be possible for certain positions, many employers are finding it extremely effective.

3. Reassigning workload and overall responsibilities:

Due to the pandemic, people have had a chance to re-evaluate their jobs, hours, etc. and while the overriding issue has been a better quality of life working from home, they also want to keep learning and to be challenged. One of our solutions has been to change their roles and add some responsibilities and take away others. This has been very effective in retaining employees.

As an Executive Search and Advisory Firm, The Quest Organization has been assisting companies all over the U.S to hire and retain their employees and to assist them in getting their employees back to the office. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact Michael F. Rosenblatt, President, for a free, highly confidential conversation at Michael@questorg.com.

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