Since the pandemic started, millions of people have decided to quit their jobs and many of them did not have another job. Don’t those people have rent, automobile expenses, food bills, clothing bills, etc to pay?

Of course they do, however for a certain period of time, the government was helping them with some of those costs and in some cases, their partners in life may have been working and able to support them as well.

In many cases, employees are becoming employers or self employed. Recent labor department statistics show that there are over 500,000 more unincorporated and self employed workers than there were at the start of the pandemic.

One of the biggest reasons that we have found via surveys and speaking with thousands of people, that they have quit their jobs, is that they got used to working at home and they don’t want to give up the flexibility that they have had. The flexibility has given people a chance to spend more time with their family, take care of young children or elderly parents who need additional care, take care of personal needs during the day in between working and more.

As a National Executive Search Firm, we are highly recommending to all of our clients that they offer a hybrid working arrangement where possible. The hybrid model is the most successful in today’s workplace and we have adopted that for our firm as well.

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