While finding the most qualified candidates is certainly the first challenge, the next part is how to evaluate them and determine whether they are a “fit” for your company.

In this candidate driven market, where there is a shortage of qualified people, it is extremely important that you evaluate them properly as well. Even though the candidate may be highly qualified from a technical standpoint, will they fit in from a cultural perspective?

While we have stressed the need to move the interview process along quickly so that you don’t lose out to another competitor, it is equally important that you select the right candidate for your firm. A bad hire can be very costly and disruptive and many employers have come to us recently because the person they hired did not work out (fortunately not someone that we placed with them).

We recommend that you prepare a detailed checklist of qualifications that the candidates must have and those that would be preferred prior to conducting the interviews.

Additionally, you should know how to get the most out of your interview, by asking open ended questions that require the candidates to think on the spot and respond, rather than using a “prepared response”.

As experts in the field of recruitment for over 30 years, we have prepared numerous questions that can help you conduct a highly effective interview for your potential hires.

If you would like to know more about our process and how we can help you find the best qualified candidates for your firm, please contact: Michael F. Rosenblatt at: michael@questorgcom.

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