In 2022 and beyond, employers and employees are facing new challenges in dealing with legal issues that affect employment.

Some of the key legal issues that employers need to be aware of are the continued response to Covid-19 which includes: remote working, vaccine mandates, safety issues in the workplace and measuring productivity of working at home while respecting privacy concerns.

One of the key issues regarding the NYC and Federal requirements for vaccination, is when an employee requests a religious or medical accommodation. This can affect the vaccine mandate and will need to be addressed.

Another issues is remote working. How an employer monitors the productivity of their employees that are working remotely can breach privacy and confidentiality issues.

One other key issue is paid family leave. There are new laws that provide for employees to have additional time off to care for family members or to bond with their newborn children.

It is essential that employers stay abreast of all of the new legal issues affecting them by using their outside and their in-house counsel and that they are communicating with their Human Resources personnel.

If you need additional assistance regarding the current trends in employment law we can provide you with employment attorneys that specialize in this area.

For introductions to the appropriate legal counsel feel free to contact: Michael F. Rosenblatt, President of The Quest Organization at:

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