As an employer is it essential that you keep abreast of the most common employment legal issues that may affect your business.

As a National Executive Search Firm we try to keep our employers updated on everything from compensation trends, benefits, how to hire and retain your employees and even the legal issues that can have an effect on your business.

The most common employment legal issues to be aware of are: harassment, discrimination,the family and medical leave act, wrongful termination and salary misclassifications. We will address a couple of them in this article.

Harassment- can be a hostile work environment whereby it is too uncomfortable for someone to work there or ” quid pro quo” sexual harassment, whereby it involves the trading of sexual favors for better working conditions.

Discrimination-can be predudicial or unfair treatment against people with certain characteristics. The characteristics can be several: age, disability, pregnancy, race or color, religion, sex, national origin or even genetic information.

We recommend that every firm stay in touch with your legal counsel to keep you abreast of all of the essential legal issues that can affect your business.

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