As the preeminent Executive Search Firm that specializes in working with Family Offices and establishing Advisory Boards for Family Offices, FON Search can assist families with every aspect of how to establish the Board, create the mandates, identify the types of individuals and backgrounds that would be most effective for your family office, establish goals… Read more »

The growth of Family Offices internationally is changing the ways in which they operate. Due to the significant growth of family offices all across the globe, they are becoming more complex and much more sophisticated. With multiple locations, and cross border family offices there has been a substantial change in the way that they operate…. Read more »

In our last article, we discussed this case to make family offices aware of the significance of the IRS ruling. We felt that is was essential to provide some additional information, based upon a number of inquiries. In the Lender Management LLC case, the tax court concluded that if a taxpayer was engaged in a… Read more »

Since banks are typically the institutions that work the closest with family offices, I thought it would be helpful for family offices to understand what banks are recommending for them. In speaking with a number of the banks that service family offices we found that they are concerned with the families ability to sustain their… Read more »

Family offices continue to experience significant growth globally. Not only has there been growth in the amount of Family Offices, but the amount of wealth being managed by these family offices has also grown tremendously. With estimated assets of over $4 trillion, they have become true competitors for some of the large companies and institutions…. Read more »