Since banks are typically the institutions that work the closest with family offices, I thought it would be helpful for family offices to understand what banks are recommending for them. In speaking with a number of the banks that service family offices we found that they are concerned with the families ability to sustain their… Read more »

Family offices continue to experience significant growth globally. Not only has there been growth in the amount of Family Offices, but the amount of wealth being managed by these family offices has also grown tremendously. With estimated assets of over $4 trillion, they have become true competitors for some of the large companies and institutions…. Read more »

As 2019 fast approaches and plans for the new year continue to take shape, the professionals at FON Search are busier than ever helping companies navigate their business requirements. The team filled 100 positions in 2018 and expects to triple that in the coming year. Whether you’re a family office, hedge fund, private equity fund… Read more »

The demand for Family Offices continues to increase dramatically, especially in those countries where more billionaires are being created. India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world and Asia which has created more high net worth individuals surpassing North America, are creating more Family Offices to manage their personal and corporate needs. In… Read more »

After a highly successful year for Family Offices, the stock market has seen a significant amount of volatility, interest rates and job openings are rising, China and the U.S. are in a trade war, the deficit is rising, GDP is 3.5%, the price of oil changes daily, baby boomers aren’t retiring, U.S. Companies are paying… Read more »

Chief Financial Officers typically have an all encompassing role, whether in large corporations, middle market entities, start-ups or Family Offices, however Family Offices have some additional responsibilities as well. As private equity, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs and others experience significant liquidity events one of the most attractive alternatives to managing their wealth appears to be… Read more »

In light of the outstanding economy, low unemployment and the robust job market there has been a substantial increase in demand by candidates to work in a Family Office. At FON Search, we specialize in placing professionals with Family Offices nationwide and internationally, and I felt that it would be helpful to provide information on… Read more »

Returns have been almost double the amount that they were in 2017 for family offices worldwide. The average investment portfolio for family offices globally was approximately 15%. The reasons for the outstanding performance were the strong market overall and the fact that family offices are now taking a longer term approach to investing. Family offices… Read more »