A significant number of family offices globally are exploring ways to invest for impact. What is SRI or sustainable, responsible and impact investing? SRI is an investment program that considers environmental, social and corporate governance criteria to produce long-term financial returns that also have a positive social impact. Another acronym being used is ESG, which… Read more »

Due to the constantly changing economic climate, organizations cannot wait for an entire year to evaluate their profitability and business plans. Most well run family offices and their businesses are moving toward a continuous planning process that is revised throughout the year. This new comprehensive business planning model provides management with a much more effective… Read more »

Last week we mentioned three areas that will be trending in 2020, investment strategies, cybersecurity and the rising costs to manage a family office. Here is another area that should be addressed: SUCCESSION PLANNING This is one of the most significant areas of concern as we meet with family offices both domestically and internationally. While… Read more »

FAMILY OFFICE TRENDS-2020 (The Start of a series) There are numerous changes taking place within family offices globally. 1. INVESTMENT STRATEGIES One change that has been steadily on the rise is the significant rise in direct investments by family offices. Almost 40% of family office investments are through direct investments and we expect this trend… Read more »

QUEST FAMILY OFFICE SEARCH, the fastest growing affiliated company of The Quest Organization Inc., is expanding nationally. While most recruitment firms take job orders and try to fill them based upon specifications provided by their clients, our approach is quite different. Our holistic approach includes an in-depth meeting with each Family Office to understand the… Read more »

The Quest Organization is an Executive Search and Advisory Firm that specializes in working with Family Offices throughout the country. The panel of Michael Rosenblatt, Kamil Homsi and Candice Beaumont spoke about Advisory Boards for Family Offices and the benefits of having a Board as well as how to hire a Board and structure their… Read more »

With the significant growth of family offices globally, they will require more sophisticated and talented human capital, more advanced technology, revised investment strategies, better financial analysis and reporting and more transparency. In addition, governance and succession planning are two areas that should be reassessed. One area of our concern, is the software being used by… Read more »

One of the most significant issues to be considered in hiring for a family office is the “culture” of the organization. Each family has their own “family office culture” and it may or may not be reflected in the way the organization is run. The interaction of the family members with each other as well… Read more »