Based upon a number of studies, most family offices had returns of over 15% in 2017. The increase in performance was due primarily to the investment in equities, as we continue to see a strong bull market. In addition, the second largest investments have been in private equity funds. Family offices continue to become more… Read more »

While Family Offices continue to grow in numbers both domestically and internationally, we have been receiving numerous requests for CPA firm referrals. In order to select the right CPA firm for your family office we suggest the following considerations: -How large is their Family Office practice (number of professionals solely dedicated to Family Offices)? -How… Read more »

As your family office continues to grow, and you have more complex legal issues to deal with on an ongoing basis, it may be time to consider going “in-house”. In-house counsel can handle almost all of your business and personal matters and even identify potential problems before they occur to prevent them from happening. The… Read more »

Typically, a CFO may be the first “C” level executive that a family office hires. In the past, many family patriarchs or matriarchs would take care of the investments, capital calls, cash management, due diligence, deal flow, strategic planning, and other finance and human capital issues. Currently, in this highly sophisticated business climate, they have… Read more »

Family offices are growing both domestically and internationally. As newly established family offices and existing family offices continue to grow and expand, there are many questions about what the framework of a family office should look like. One essential position that needs to be addressed for all family offices is the Chief Investment Officer. When… Read more »

One of the fastest growing segments of the investment world is Family Offices. They have significant amounts of money and are more interested than ever in direct investments, acquiring companies throughout the world and establishing their own investment funds. They are most interested in purchasing privately held businesses, and they are hiring the most talented… Read more »

The most effective weapon against sexual harassment is prevention. The burden of preventing sexual harassment lies with the employer. Employers are responsible for providing employees with a work environment that does not discriminate and is truly free of harassment. By law, each employer is required to put in place measures to prevent and deal with… Read more »

A new feature of the tax code passed by Congress late last year allows investors to defer or avoid capital gains taxes when they invest in designated under-invested areas, called “opportunity zones” until 2026, as long as ninety percent of their investment stays in the designated low income communities. An opportunity zone is a low… Read more »