With the significant growth of family offices globally, they will require more sophisticated and talented human capital, more advanced technology, revised investment strategies, better financial analysis and reporting and more transparency. In addition, governance and succession planning are two areas that should be reassessed. One area of our concern, is the software being used by… Read more »

One of the most significant issues to be considered in hiring for a family office is the “culture” of the organization. Each family has their own “family office culture” and it may or may not be reflected in the way the organization is run. The interaction of the family members with each other as well… Read more »

It is challenging enough to find the right candidates for family offices, however when you lose a valuable employee it can have a significant effect on the family office and morale overall. There are significant differences between the working environments of a typical corporate office and a family office. One of most important differences is… Read more »

After speaking with numerous family offices this year, the following topics were the most often discussed: 1) Investing in Real Estate- Investors are very interested in how they can reap profits from investing in Real Estate. They want to know how they can identify the best deals and they want truly “off market” properties. 2)… Read more »

As the preeminent Executive Search Firm that specializes in working with Family Offices and establishing Advisory Boards for Family Offices, FON Search can assist families with every aspect of how to establish the Board, create the mandates, identify the types of individuals and backgrounds that would be most effective for your family office, establish goals… Read more »

The growth of Family Offices internationally is changing the ways in which they operate. Due to the significant growth of family offices all across the globe, they are becoming more complex and much more sophisticated. With multiple locations, and cross border family offices there has been a substantial change in the way that they operate…. Read more »

In our last article, we discussed this case to make family offices aware of the significance of the IRS ruling. We felt that is was essential to provide some additional information, based upon a number of inquiries. In the Lender Management LLC case, the tax court concluded that if a taxpayer was engaged in a… Read more »