One of the fastest growing segments of the investment world is Family Offices. They have significant amounts of money and are more interested than ever in direct investments, acquiring companies throughout the world and establishing their own investment funds. They are most interested in purchasing privately held businesses, and they are hiring the most talented… Read more »

The most effective weapon against sexual harassment is prevention. The burden of preventing sexual harassment lies with the employer. Employers are responsible for providing employees with a work environment that does not discriminate and is truly free of harassment. By law, each employer is required to put in place measures to prevent and deal with… Read more »

A new feature of the tax code passed by Congress late last year allows investors to defer or avoid capital gains taxes when they invest in designated under-invested areas, called “opportunity zones” until 2026, as long as ninety percent of their investment stays in the designated low income communities. An opportunity zone is a low… Read more »

Why are Single Family Offices hiring Chief Investment Officers and what are the challenges they are facing? With the significant growth in family offices and the increase in their wealth, they are looking to bring in more investment talent. The challenges that they are facing are the lack of available talent and how to compete… Read more »

Unfortunately, we have found that many of our Family Offices and privately held businesses are not aware of the recent Employment laws and how they may be affected by them. Since there are significant penalties for non-compliance with the recently enacted laws, we felt compelled to bring this to your attention. Eleven states have passed… Read more »

In light of the significant growth of existing Family Offices, the “start up” of new Family Offices and the scarcity of people with Family Office experience, compensation has become a key issue in attracting and retaining employees. For Executives in Family Offices, the use of long-term incentives is a fast growing trend. The most common… Read more »

Single Family Offices that have transitioned to the second generation have been trending higher towards alternative investments than the first generation. The alternative investments which include hedge funds, direct investments and private equity investments are becoming a larger part of the SFO portfolio. We are seeing a significant move towards direct investments. One of the… Read more »