As most employers are aware, we are still dealing with a shortage of qualified candidates for their hiring needs. We have previously discussed putting together a strategic plan for hiring, which would entail bringing together all of the involved parties and coming up with a detailed job description and the requirements for the position. Additionally,… Read more »

In 2022 and beyond, employers and employees are facing new challenges in dealing with legal issues that affect employment. Some of the key legal issues that employers need to be aware of are the continued response to Covid-19 which includes: remote working, vaccine mandates, safety issues in the workplace and measuring productivity of working at… Read more »

HOW TO HANDLE THE SHORTAGE OF TALENT Scarcity of talent is a significant issue today. It began with Covid-19, and since we have been recovering from the pandemic, there has been rapid business and economic expansion, technology continues to change the employment playing field and a change in employees attitudes toward work continues to be… Read more »

When hiring in this very challenging environment, besides leadership and management skills which we discussed in our previous blog, companies are also paying attention to candidates’ communication skills. In every company whether you are working remotely or in the office, you need to communicate with colleagues, clients/customers, vendors and management. Today with so many people… Read more »

Today, many employers are focusing more of their efforts on the soft skills that candidates may have in order to hire them. One of the most significant soft skills that many employers are paying attention to is their ability to manage people. Leadership and management skills, the ability to lead others and manage them effectively… Read more »

With unemployment at 3.8 percent and the number of unemployed people at 6.3 million based upon the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, and with an increase of 678,000 nonfarm jobs in February, the ability to hire talent continues to be a significant challenge. What can firms do to attract employees in this market? There are… Read more »