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The Quest Organization has provided Executive Search and Advisory services to Single and Multi-Family Offices for over thirty years. We recently formed a new entity called Quest Family Office Search whereby we are now able to provide services throughout the United States and Internationally.

Our holistic approach includes an initial meeting with all of the key family members to gain an understanding of their infrastructure, governance, succession plan, investment philosophy, exit strategy, technology platform, security, deal flow, philanthropy, wealth preservation, liquidity, service providers, family relationships, human capital and any other issues relative to each family.

Our entire staff of CPAs and MBAs with extensive backgrounds in business, is highly qualified to provide advice to our family offices on all of the issues listed above and we can also assist with identifying joint venture investment opportunities and assist with the raising of capital for investments through our other affiliated entities: Quest Forums, LLC and Quest Transitions, Inc.

This platform allows family offices to comfortably share unique deal flow, capital preservation strategies, philanthropic strategies, alpha generating alternative investments and best-in-class service providers.

Some of our most concentrated areas of advisory work include:

  • -Human Capital Needs

  • -Succession Planning

  • -Resolving Inter-Generational Issues

  • -Compensation Practices

  • -Governance

  • -Best Practices

  • -Risk

  • -Technology

  • -Exit Strategies


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