Quest Forums, LLC

Quest Forums

Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions


Real Estate and Tech Investment


Quest Forums, LLC, our newest and fastest growing affiliated company, can assist with identifying investment opportunities from capitalization to ground up real estate investments.

Look to Quest Forums to:

  • Assist with raising capital

  • Identify joint venture opportunities

  • Pinpoint real estate, tech, healthcare and other investment opportunities


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Mergers and Acquisitions Advisement

Quest Forums can also advise you in weighing if an opportunity or the timing is right and line up the right resources to make your move successfully. Whether you need to raise capital or assess risk, Quest Forums is the partner you can count on.

Quest Forums, LLC has extensive experience providing clients with:

  • Business and human resources consulting

  • Compensation studies

  • Identifying alternative financing sources

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Succession planning

  • Exit strategies


Mergers and acquisitions can be a delicate undertaking. Take advantage of our expertise.

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