About Us

About Us

For over 30 years, The Quest Organization has been much more than a recruitment firm. From the inception of our business, our approach with each client was to truly partner with them by meeting with them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their culture, morale, infrastructure, strategic plan, succession plan, exit strategy, human capital and financial condition.

Once we have gained a thorough understanding of our client, we assist them in determining the requirements for the position as well as preparing a detailed job description. In addition, we coach our clients on how to conduct effective interviews with prospective candidates. As experts in evaluating talent, we want to ensure that our clients get as much information as possible from each candidate to assess whether they are the right fit.

Our clients typically meet no more than three to five candidates before being able to conclude on a search. Our firm may meet twenty to thirty prospective candidates, however, our goal is to minimize the amount of time that our clients spend interviewing so that they can utilize their time most efficiently. In most cases, our clients have a difficult time deciding upon which candidate they should hire, and that is always our goal. It generally comes down to the right personality and culture fit.

Our goal is to always be “value added” to our clients and to ensure that each hire is for the long term.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to identifying and attracting the most talented individuals for C-level executive and middle management professional roles through our executive search and interim advisory services.


The Secrets to Our Success

Our Mission

To provide companies with the best available talent to help them grow and sustain their businesses and to help candidates find positions that will enhance their careers and provide a better quality of life for them and their loved ones.

Our Philosophy

To provide reliable counsel to our clients to identify their true hiring needs based upon a face-to-face meeting with senior management as well as a review of their business, infrastructure, environment, financial condition, human capital, culture and long- and short-term plans for the organization.

To be a “value add” to both our clients and candidates, ensuring that candidates are making the right moves for their careers and personal needs, and our clients bring on the appropriate talent to assist them in achieving their goals.

To become partners with our clients, not merely as an outside vendor providing a service for them, but rather as a team that cares about their long- and short-term success. Our success is based on their success. We are proud to have numerous clients that have been with our firm for over 30 years.

As financial professionals and CPAs with extensive backgrounds in business, we use our business acumen and over 50 years of experience to ascertain not only the best person to hire, also assist with merging firms with similar verticals or horizontals and identifying strategic “carve outs” through our M&A firm, Quest Transitions, Inc.

To be “the resource” for our clients, whether they need people, other companies, financing, service providers, real estate, insurance, tax advice, competitive intelligence and even compensation studies, we can either provide the service or refer them to one of the best service providers for their area of specialization.

We will utilize our three recruitment firms to be full service to our clients. We can provide temporary help through Questemps, Inc., for those times when someone is terminated, quits on their own, becomes ill or just needs to take a leave of absence. We can then conduct the search while our highly talented temp ensures a smooth flow of work. We have been called the “fixers” as we can take almost any situation and remedy it by providing top-notch temps when someone puts our clients in a bind.

Confidentiality, integrity and performance are the cornerstones of our business. Our substantial family office business has grown rapidly, as they know we will maintain the highest level of confidentiality while conducting a search assignment. In addition, we understand the “family office culture” better than most firms, since we have been serving them for over 30 years.

To become the only firm that our clients need to reach out to for their human capital needs, financing, mergers and acquisitions and other business needs.

Defined Objectives

We know that a successful placement begins with a strong understanding of the organization and position, which is why we ensure our clients clearly define their needs and objectives in terms of desired skills. experience and overall fit.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach, beginning every relationship with a face-to-face meeting to obtain comprehensive information about your company, the infrastructure, human capital, financial condition, liquidity, succession planning, exit strategies and the culture of the firm.

Comprehensive Recommendations

After working through our extensive questionnaire together, we offer suggestions on the type of individual that would be appropriate for each position, the compensation package required to attract them, a very detailed job description, the interview process and advice on how to conduct the most effective interview.

Tailored Solutions

We are a solution provider. Our services are not limited to recruitment. If you require an interim person to cover the vacancy while we are conducting the search, we can provide highly qualified temporary professionals to assist you. In addition, through Quest Forums LLC, we can assist with the raising of capital or buying, selling or merging of your company with another relevant organization.

Industry Relationships

We can be a resource for the highest quality service providers. We can provide referrals to the best in class CPA firms, wealth management firms, alternative financing companies, consulting firms, law firms, tax advisors, technology firms, outsource service providers and more.