We addressed several issues in our previous blog, however there are a number of additional issues that we would also like to mention. 1) Cross-training employees: While we mentioned changing some of the responsibilities of your employees to keep them challenged and continuing to learn new skills, we have found that cross-training employees also provides… Read more »

While the pandemic appears to be far from over, with a significant amount of people getting vaccinated, most businesses are opening up and are finding it difficult to find quality employees. There are a number of things that you can do to make your recruiting efforts more effective. 1. Hybrid work arrangement: While many companies… Read more »

The Pandemic has completely changed the way we think about “going to the office” or working overall. Most of us have had to adapt to working at home or at remote locations rather than our typical office. Some people actually miss going to the office and others cannot imagine going back to the office. Offices… Read more »

With optimism in the air as more people are getting the vaccine, unfortunately, there are still a significant amount of people still being infected by covid-19 and the variants from the virus. From a positive perspective, many of the restrictions are being reduced and sports arenas, restaurants, movie theaters etc., are being allowed to open… Read more »

As a continuation of our blog last week, here are some additional hiring trends that we see for 2021: 1. Large employers will receive permission to administer Covid-19 vaccines to their employees, however they will have to adhere to government guidelines as to eligibility requirements. By providing the vaccinations at work, they can avoid time… Read more »

For numerous organizations, the year 2020 and the pandemic caused them to adapt to a very quickly changing environment. Some of the most significant issues that needed to be addressed were: working remotely, how to support employees from a business, mental health and overall personal perspective, how to deal with covid-19 concerns, safety protocols at… Read more »

Blue Collar workers are experiencing a significant increase in job opportunities. Strength in the housing and ecommerce industries have increased the need for warehouse people for online orders and construction workers for the fast growing housing market. As the pandemic fades, we expect a significant increase in the retail, entertainment and restaurant industries and later… Read more »