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Recruiting quality candidates can be time-consuming and costly. There’s often no guarantee that you’ll choose correctly.

Companies that manage, own, or develop real estate must have the right personnel in-house, such as property management, leasing, finance, and accounting experts. It’s up to you to find candidates and manage the process entirely, but it’s often difficult. Working with real estate recruiters often makes the process much easier. 

You can find the best talent from a recruiting firm without doing all the interviewing and sourcing yourself. Build a team that will help your business grow. Real estate requires plenty of funding and much more. Development is crucial, and your focus is on finding someone to handle your requirements. 

Let’s learn more about the benefits of working with a real estate recruiter.

What is a Real Estate Recruiting Agency, and What Does It Do?

The commercial real estate industry is ever-changing, and people have to stay on top of the nuances. Though you might use a staffing company to assist, a real estate recruiting agency is a little different. It specializes in working with businesses that own, develop, and manage real estate. 

Overall, the business requires accounting, operations, and finance professionals to assist with capital funding, leasing, property management, and accounting. The recruiting firm you choose will source top talent to help grow the company and ensure that your brand is a success.


Why Partner with Real Estate Recruiters

It’s wise to work with real estate recruiters because they have industry experience and knowledge. You don’t want to wade through tons of applications or end up with the wrong candidates because you didn’t specify what you required. Now, you don’t have to!



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Benefits of Using Real Estate Recruiting Companies

1. Industry Knowledge from a Real Estate Investment Firm

Choosing the right candidates means understanding the specific industry and needs of the client. For example, a real estate recruiter knows what you do and how it all works because their daily duties revolve around that job market.

Real estate professionals like you are focused on development and acquisitions, so you’re seeking a team that can help you evolve and move forward. They must give you a commitment to professionalism at every turn, whether you’re dealing with finance, accounting, or marketing. A specialist has in-depth insight and understanding of the market, so they can get straight to the point and choose candidates that will meet your needs.


2. Save Time

A recruitment agency will hit the ground running and leverage its extensive network of professionals, which can include an SVP, COO, CEO, and more. You’ll save time and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong team members.

It’s often challenging to determine what roles you require. Therefore, the agency will ask you questions to help you determine what you need. Then, it will gather together a list of candidates that can help with the development of your company.


3. Tap into Expertise from Talented Professionals

You probably have professional expertise in commercial real estate because that’s what you deal with all the time. However, you may be unsure about how asset management works and don’t know how to obtain funding. Likewise, you might not be proficient with accounting requirements and don’t want to end up doing things incorrectly.

With a recruitment agency, you find the people you need, and they’re often the leading professionals in their fields. That means you succeed when others might fail.


4. Further Reach

It’s often difficult to choose the right people for the job, and you might be thinking more locally. However, you should be reaching out to other locations to find the most experienced ones. That’s hard to do alone.

However, a specialist recruiter can help identify professionals to fit the roles you need. They maximize the number and quality of candidates to provide you with the best results.


5. Help Filling All Roles within the Organization

Whether you’re dealing with marketing, accounting, or financing, you might find it challenging to fill all the positions so that your firm succeeds. However, the recruiting agency can quickly source talent with the skills and proficiencies necessary. Your firm saves time and money because you know exactly who to turn to for assistance.

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Why It’s Better to Utilize Real Estate Recruiters

CareerBuilder performed a study in 2017 showing that 75 percent of US employers were impacted by at least one bad hire, and over 25 percent claimed that they spent more than $50,000 for a single bad hire.

Clearly, it’s important to utilize real estate recruiters to help with asset management, funding, property management, accounting, and everything else you must do. Your clients will thank you, and you’ll likely notice that your brand succeeds more when you have assistance from a recruiting agency. Consider hiring us today and reach out for a free consultation at or 212-971-0033!

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