Everyone has heard the expression ” I am old school”. When they say that, people are referring to traditional practices that have been used in the past. As it relates to manners, unfortunately, it appears that many of the actions that were done in the past that were considered courteous and respectful have disappeared.

In a business environment whether it is in the office, on a video call, at a networking meeting or even lunch/dinner with a client or colleagues, it is essential that you maintain certain protocols.

Here are a few examples of principles that we feel should be utilized in a business setting (as defined above):

1) When meeting with someone whether it is a colleague, management, client or an external party, it is essential that you give them your undivided attention. If you are taking calls on your phone, looking at texts or responding to your vibrating watch it shows disrespect for the other party. You should silence your electronic devices prior to each meeting.

2) Video meetings should be treated the same as “in-person” meetings. Regarding dress code you should be dressed as you would for an “in-person” meeting, and according to your corporate dress code. In addition, you should not drink coffee, chew gum, smoke or eat anything during the meeting.

3) Once the meeting has come to a conclusion, you should thank the person who invited you to the meeting and if it is an “in-person” meeting, give them a firm handshake or a fist bump whichever is appropriate.

4) Depending upon the nature of the meeting, it may be appropriate to send a thank you note and make sure that the note is grammatically perfect.

If you would like to see the entire list of suggested items to be aware of in a business setting, please email: Michael F. Rosenblatt at michael@questorg.com

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