Both ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence programs are starting to have an effect on the workplace. The AI revolution is here!

Already many white and even blue collar jobs are being replaced by AI. GPTs are generative pretrained transformers which utilize machine learning which use internet data to provide text, which can be code or creative writing.

The number of job openings listed on the internet for candidates with AI experience continues to increase significantly. We suggest that employers and employees should invest in being retrained whenever possible. The use of AI can make businesses much more efficient and eliminate a lot of the mundane and routine work currently being done, so that employees can take on new and more challenging tasks.

There are also a number of negative issues regarding AI which is why Elon Musk and other top tech CEOs have asked for a pause on AI.

Some of the concerns are privacy issues, socioeconomic inequality, weapons automatization, job losses and unclear regulation.

We agree that a brief pause may be helpful to establish safety standards.

While The Quest Organization embraces Artificial Intelligence, we recommend proceeding carefully, and we hope that they can put in place safety protocols that must be adhered to.

For additional information on how we see AI affecting both businesses and employees, feel free to contact: Michael F. Rosenblatt, at:

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