This may be the best time ever to evaluate your career goals, compensation, current responsibilities and quality of life.

While we are all going through a very isolating and stressful period, we actually have had more time to evaluate our current job and whether or not we are in the “right place” now. We have all heard the expression “life is too short”, well it is. This pandemic has given us time to re-think our lives overall and whether or not we want to work the same hours, under the same stress, at the same position and at our current compensation level.

We have spoken with numerous professionals who have decided that they would like to make a change as soon as possible.

How can you make a career move during the pandemic?

Well it actually makes a lot of sense to start now by:

1) Updating your resume.

This should be well thought out and prepared carefully, so that it truly reflects your skills, accomplishments and responsibilities.

2) Update and improve your online presence.

You can update your entire profile to reflect a more accurate depiction of your areas of strength and interest. Most hiring managers and recruiters review your linkedin profile and social media before reaching out to you.

3) Do your “homework”.

Research the industries and companies that you are most qualified for and interested in, so that when you are ready to start looking, you have a targeted approach.

4) Networking.

Reach out to people that you have worked with in the past and recruiters that you have built a “trust” relationship with, and that specialize in your areas of interest.

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