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Construction professionals’ overall employment is expected to increase by 6% over the next decade, faster than the average for all industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

It is more crucial than ever to have the ideal construction management team in place to keep projects on schedule and teams working well. This is where working together with a construction recruiting expert is useful.

We have a team of recruiters who have extensive experience in the construction industry. 

Companies should work with a recruiting firm that has in-depth expertise in the sector and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the construction industry. 

Our construction recruiters are passionate about matching skilled candidates with the right businesses and have a proven track record of successful placements. 

We have experience in the sector; therefore, we are knowledgeable about everything from commercial to industrial construction to real estate knowledge and building product professionals. 

Our partners are here to help construction companies overcome the difficulties associated with locating excellent personnel in order to expand their teams and fortify their organizations. 

Because of our extensive networks and knowledge of the sector, we are experts in finding the ideal candidates with proper training that can meet your talent acquisition needs.

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Why Should Construction Companies Hire a Recruitment Company?

Using job boards isn’t always practical because of the lack of filtering. Only 20% of the applicants companies receive will have the necessary abilities. 

A construction recruitment firm, however, has access to a big pool of carefully chosen, thoroughly vetted, and referenced individuals. Therefore, the candidates will more likely be a better fit for the specific construction job. 

Additionally, construction management recruiting firms give clients special insights into the industry and community. 

Employers will be able to learn about wage ranges, expected careers, available skill sets, different hiring complexity, and a ton of other information that isn’t easily accessible.


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What Professionals Can Construction Recruiters Place?

A construction company can find the top talent it needs with the assistance of our construction recruitment specialists. 

We can support all talent acquisition needs, whether our clients need back-office assistance, managers, or executive recruiting assistance.

A few of the construction professionals that recruiting firms can place are:

  • Architects
  • Construction executives
  • General contractors
  • Project managers
  • General managers
  • Engineers
  • Pre-construction project managers
  • Construction inspectors
  • Superintendents
  • Quality controllers
  • Survey managers
  • Project foremen
  • Construction project managers 
  • Sales professionals and business development
  • Asphalt and concrete estimators
  • Human resources professionals
  • Executive professionals and vice presidents
  • Masonry professionals
  • General laborer
  • Construction management teams

Finding the Right Person for the Job Is Our Top Priority

Because we value our clients’ time, our construction recruiters go above and beyond to ensure the highest caliber of candidates are chosen. 

We understand all our clients’ employment needs because of our specialized emphasis on executive search for construction and other sectors. 

To find the best construction talent and generate interest in vacancies, we combine cutting-edge data mining techniques with traditional headhunting methods.

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What Makes Our Construction Recruiters Different from Other Recruiting Companies?

Our recruiters for construction jobs nationwide have first-hand knowledge of the industry and what it takes to thrive in this work environment. 

They are more capable of ensuring search results that uphold our firm’s continuously outstanding retention rates.

Our construction industry recruiters know the questions to ask and are able to swiftly and accurately evaluate applicant competency since they are familiar with the major construction players and the “ins and outs” of the construction business.


The Benefits of Hiring a Construction Recruiting Firm

1. Consultative and Experienced Services

We are constantly able to find the best construction workers because of these insights, among other factors. 

These are just a few of the many ways our construction recruiters set themselves apart from construction executives who are merely attempting to quickly complete an executive job search. 

Our company is able to swiftly and comprehensively tailor and fulfill any Construction Executive Recruiting vacancies by applying our comprehensive knowledge of the construction sector and established track record of accomplishments. 

In essence, we service a wide range of disciplines to deliver exceptional service and financial results.

2. Attract the Best Talent in the Construction Industry

We don’t just rely on responses to advertisements like many recruitment firms do. We identify and recruit the best available talent from your competitors, including those candidates that are not actively looking, which in many instances are the best candidates for the position.

The advantage here is that significantly more candidates will have access to the job opening than if the company listed it directly. 

Construction recruitment firms also have a wide range of headhunting techniques. They unquestionably have access to a much wider pool of potential candidates than many construction firms and have more knowledge in identifying and screening prospective candidates.

3. A Speedy Process

A construction recruiting firm can often expedite the hiring process for a client if necessary.

Instead of waiting for people to apply for the position, recruiters generally have access to a large number of qualified individuals who are actively seeking employment at any given moment. 

The professional recruiting process is much more efficient than the type of reactive hiring that many businesses typically use.

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Hire Top-notch Construction Professionals Today!

Are you looking to hire new construction professionals? Finding the best candidates for the job doesn’t have to be such a challenging task. 

With an efficient, reliable, and experienced construction recruiting firm, companies are in a better position to identify candidates with the necessary skills. 

Working with a construction executive search firm can benefit you in various ways. We are aware of the sophisticated skill sets that project management and construction professionals bring to the table. 

Hence, we take qualified job seekers and assist them in navigating the labor market so that they can advance their careers. Explore our available career opportunities and let our search consultants assist you in advancing your career.

The Quest Organization has been in the global employment industry for more than 30 years; therefore, we know how to achieve great success with our clients.

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