Many companies have had significant layoffs including GM, Disney, Roku, Lucid, Walmart, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter, Amazon, UBS and more.

The main reasons given for the reduction in staff are a slowdown in consumer demand post Covid-19,  uncertain economic conditions and overhiring.With inflation still high, interest rates still rising, many fear that we are heading towards a recession.  For employees that either have been laid off or are concerned about potentially being laid off, we recommend the following courses of action:

1) Look into your companies severance policy (if they have one)
2) Ensure that you are aware of your rights
3) Update your resume
4) Find out about how your benefits may be affected so that you are not caught without health benefits
5) If you have been laid off, file for unemployment benefits
6) Commence looking for new opportunities on line
7) Seek advice from recruiters and family and friends
8) Start to network among your contacts
If you are caught up in being laid off or feel that you may be subject to cost cutting, feel free to reach out to: The Quest Organization at:

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