For numerous organizations, the year 2020 and the pandemic caused them to adapt to a very quickly changing environment. Some of the most significant issues that needed to be addressed were: working remotely, how to support employees from a business, mental health and overall personal perspective, how to deal with covid-19 concerns, safety protocols at the office, financial issues (significant loss of business), layoffs and furloughs and legal issues relating to the pandemic.

1. Remote working is not going away.

Many businesses have thrived by using remote work staff and a significant number of companies found out that they do not need the large office space that they had, to run their businesses effectively. Based upon a number of our surveys, the “new norm” at least for the next year or two, will be a “hybrid model’ whereby employees will work part of the time at home and part of the time in the office.

2. Employers will utilize more “contract/temporary” employees for positions that require very specific skill sets.

Companies will be unable to train their current employees quickly enough to meet the demands of their business and therefore will hire temporary workers who can “hit the ground running” and add value immediately.

3. Companies from other states will work to attract employees by providing economic and life style advantages for them.

The pandemic has caused numerous people to re-think their jobs, financial situation, work/life balance and even where they want to live. By offering moving expense reimbursements, sign-on bonuses, lower taxes and a lower cost of living, companies may be able to attract highly qualified employees that they may not have been able to before.

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