As a continuation of our blog last week, here are some additional hiring trends that we see for 2021:

1. Large employers will receive permission to administer Covid-19 vaccines to their employees, however they will have to adhere to government guidelines as to eligibility requirements. By providing the vaccinations at work, they can avoid time off challenges for those eligible for the vaccine and provide high risk employees with the vaccine. This may however open the door to potential litigation, if the employer requires employees to be vaccinated before returning to work.

2. New regulations will limit the monitoring of employees. During the pandemic many companies have invested in technology to monitor and track their employees. However with privacy issues at the forefront of everyone’s mind, there will probably be new regulations that will restrict the information that employers can use to keep track of their employees.

3. Emotional and mental well being will need to be addressed on a higher level than before. The pandemic has had a significant effect on many employees and companies have been made to realize that they must provide better mental health benefits to their employees. This will cause an increase in health insurance costs, however hopefully it will help those who were and are still affected by the pandemic and other issues.

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