Today, many employers are focusing more of their efforts on the soft skills that candidates may have in order to hire them.

One of the most significant soft skills that many employers are paying attention to is their ability to manage people.

Leadership and management skills, the ability to lead others and manage them effectively is quite essential in all businesses. In many instances, people get promoted because they have done well in their role, and in order to reward them for exemplary performance, it is customary to promote them into a more senior role. While it makes sense to promote excellent performance, in many cases the role of managing people may require a very different set of skills and not everyone has the appropriate skills for a management role.

It is essential that you truly evaluate the individual not only on their performance in their role, but whether or not they have the skills to lead and manage a group. There are numerous ways to assist someone with learning to manage people more effectively using executive coaches, providing training seminars, etc. however in many cases it just may not work.

As an Executive Search firm with over 30 years of experience placing and evaluating human capital, we can assist with these types of decisions.

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