Obtaining financing for start ups has always been a challenge, however now Family Offices are becoming an alternative source of funding for them.

As Family Offices continue to move into direct investments, they are becoming an essential source of capital for private companies. There are over 3,000 Family Offices worldwide and their appetite for direct investments in both start ups and established companies is growing rapidly.


Family Offices look for deals through their own networks which include: their colleagues, service providers (CPA firms, Executive Search Professionals, Attorneys, Portfolio Managers), other business executives, Advisory Boards and Board of Directors and other families that they have invested with previously. One of the many reasons that we have suggested that Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors should be highly strategic in nature is for sourcing deals and joint venture opportunities.


Family Offices typically want to be part of management and therefore ask for a seat on the Board of most companies that they invest in. They prefer to be more than just an investor, they want to “add value” and assist with growing the business. Family Offices look for sound management and a true strategic plan for the business.

As an Executive Search and Advisory Firm that specializes in working with Family Offices for over 30 years, we have numerous relationships whereby we have become the “Trusted Advisor” for our clients. We are asked to source deals and assist with putting together joint ventures, as well as finding them additional talent to help the businesses achieve their long term goals.

For additional information on Family Offices looking to invest, contact: FON Search, Michael Rosenblatt at: michael@questorg.com or via telephone 212-971-0033.

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