Effective January 1, 2019, FON SEARCH has expanded into the temporary services business with FON TEMPS, an affiliate of Questemps, Inc.

Now that the year is over, most companies and family offices have a significant amount of work to do to get ready for the year-end audit and tax return preparation.

Instead of hiring candidates on a full time basis, one of the most effective alternatives is to use “Interim” or “temporary professionals” to assist with the closing of the books, preparing the detailed schedules for the external accountants, preparing financial statements, tax schedules, budgets, forecasts and any other necessary information.

The benefits of using a “temporary’ professional are:

1) They can provide coverage for someone who left for a medical or personal reason and will be returning to work

2) They can provide assistance for peak workload times such as year-end, quarter end or month end

3) Save money on insurance and benefits

4) You can bring in someone with very specialized skills

5) They can provide a bridge between someone who left and a new hire

6) In many cases if the candidate is doing well, they may be converted from a temporary employee to a full time employee. Over 37% of our temps are converted to full time employees, and they almost always work out because both parties have worked together.

For immediate consideration on how to hire a “temporary” employee please contact: Michael Rosenblatt at 212-971-0033 or Michael@questorg.com

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