With optimism in the air as more people are getting the vaccine, unfortunately, there are still a significant amount of people still being infected by covid-19 and the variants from the virus.

From a positive perspective, many of the restrictions are being reduced and sports arenas, restaurants, movie theaters etc., are being allowed to open up to a limited amount of attendees.

Many businesses are starting to ask their employees to come back to the office on a part- time , flex time and some even on a full time basis. The problem is that many people have gotten used to working from home and don’t want to commute anymore and others are still concerned about getting the virus. Others have been very successful working at home and feel that they shouldn’t have to go to the office if they can “get the job done well” without commuting in.

The most common approach based upon a comprehensive survey that we conducted is to adapt a “hybrid approach”. The “hybrid approach” entails people continuing to work part time at home and part of the time in their office. This model may have many variations and will vary from company to company. Our understanding is that almost 30% of the people surveyed would quit their job if they had to return to work full time.

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