One of the biggest challenges faced by employers today is getting people back to the office on a more regular basis. With a shortage of talent and a high percentage of people thinking about leaving their current employer, this is a time to make changes to get them back.

1) The most obvious and common solution is offering a hybrid model initially to ease them back to the office, rather than requiring an extreme solution of 5 days a week in the office.

2) Another item to be addressed is their career growth. If you are out of the office vs those who are in the office, you will lose any face to face exposure to management. It is much more effective to be noticed when you are in the office vs working remote. It is important for employees to know how working only remotely may affect their career progression.

3) Learning and career development is also more effective when in the office. Being exposed to management and others at a higher level than you are, will provide a learning experience that you will not be exposed to from working at home.

4) Relationship management. One of the most attractive reasons to be in the office is the interaction with other employees. Being part of a team is much more effective when you see, talk and work with them in person.

While we encourage the hybrid model for our clients and we subscribe to that model for now as well, our employees, our clients and most of their employees who have followed our lead, appear to be much happier being back in the workplace with their colleagues.

Our next blog will feature some approaches that may help you get your employees back to the office.

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