With the current war for talent, it is essential that each company establishes some new ways to attract new talent and to retain their current employees while asking them to come back to the office.

Some of the methods being utilized by some of our clients that have been successful are:

1) The first and most significant issue is to provide a safe and clean office that provides the most effective protocols to prevent the transmission of Covid 19.

2) Try to get people to go back to the office on the same days as their colleagues. Most people enjoy the social interaction that they are not getting from working at home. The “team culture” is attractive and alluring to most employees.

3) Make changes in the workplace to make it more interesting and fun to be back at the office. We ordered all new furniture (not suggesting that, as it can be quite expensive) so that everyone can work standing or sitting. We also added a putting green and we have putting contests each week. Adding art, gym memberships, a coffee/cappuccino/espresso machine, free lunch once a week, etc. can also make it more attractive to be at the office.

4) Health and well being can be addressed by offering classes, and as mentioned above, gym memberships and just being around people can be good for everyone’s mental health. Providing a place to eat, have coffee etc where both management and employees can interact can also be very attractive.

If your employees feel a sense of belonging, being appreciated, recognized for their efforts, compensated fairly and being part of a team, it is more likely that they will continue to work at their current employer and not consider opportunities outside of their current workplace.

If you would like to discuss how your firm can get your employees back to the office or attract the best available athletes to your company, please feel free to contact Michael F. Rosenblatt at Michael@questorg.com

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