Too many clients and candidates are using “ghosting” as a tool, and we highly don’t recommend doing that.

Many people have decided to “ghost” others, meaning rather than get back to them via email, text or phone, they just do not respond at all to them. We find this happening quite a bit and we don’t recommend doing that. Whether you are a candidate looking for a job or a client interviewing prospective candidates for a job, or some other issue, it is highly disrespectful to not return someone’s communication.

With the ability via technology to respond within seconds to any type of communication, we strongly recommend responding to the other party if you have a relationship with them. Whether it is a corporation responding to a vendor, a recruiter, a present or previous employee etc., since it can be done so quickly, you should have the courtesy to respond to them. By not responding to them at all, you will cause ill will and hurt your relationship with that party.

As a candidate looking for a job, we find many of them will stop responding either because they took another job, decided to stay at their current job or are just not interested in the position that they have interviewed for. When you do not respond to someone whom you have established a relationship with, it is highly disrespectful since they have spent time on your behalf and you may be “burning a bridge” that cannot be mended.

Our motto is ” to treat everyone the way that you want to be treated”.

You never know when you may need that person again and even if it is a difficult call, it is better to communicate than not.

Strong communication is one of the keys to both a successful business and personal life.

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