Engaging a reputable and successful recruitment firm:

Due to the significant number of job openings, companies are finding it difficult to hire employees at all levels. Most companies are posting their open jobs on their website and numerous job sites and using their internal recruiting staff to find qualified people.

We are finding that while those methods are the preferred ways of hiring, as they can avoid paying recruiting fees, it is not working for a significant number of companies nationwide.

We are receiving calls and emails from many companies all across the U.S., complaining that they “just can’t find qualified people” and they want our firm to help them.

Fortunately, we along with other firms in our industry, can do just that. We do not rely upon job listings and our website to identify and attract talent, we actually go out and find them.

With a highly successful track record for over 35 years, our staff of CPAs, MBAs and Human Resource Directors, will take the time to meet with you and gain a comprehensive understanding of your culture, infrastructure, succession plan, exit strategy and your hiring needs and we will come up with a true “strategic plan” to effectively identify the “best available athletes” for your firm.

As an Executive Search and Advisory Firm, The Quest Organization has been assisting companies all over the U.S to hire and retain their employees and to assist them in getting their employees back to the office. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact Michael F. Rosenblatt, President, for a free, highly confidential conversation at Michael@questorg.com.

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