Recruiting is one of the most challenging issues that Family Offices are facing. Hiring the wrong person can be very expensive and can cause the trickle effect of causing a number of people to leave the organization.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly taking on a significant role when it comes to human capital.

AI can improve the effectiveness of hiring by automating some of the lower level functions involved in the hiring process and providing additional information for the hiring managers. When the recruiting process begins, there is a significant amount of data that is created, which should be stored, so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time a similar role is filled. In addition, most companies are utilizing software to build models that can compile the traits of their successful employees, as well as use testing software to assess the candidates ability to perform well in a specific role and to determine whether their personality traits would be a fit for the organization.

Finding the appropriate talent for family offices can be significantly enhanced by using AI and utilizing a well thought out plan to hire.

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