There comes a time for most of us, when we start to feel that maybe we are not in the right job. The things that may cause you to feel that way are the following:

1) You are bored, not being challenged in your work and not learning.

2) You come home feeling unhappy, negative, possibly not appreciated and just overall not satisfied with your work or the work environment.

3) Your work is affecting your health due to extreme stress and possibly long hours.

4) Your boss or the environment is toxic and very negative. This may be from management styles, unhappy people, high turnover etc.

5) You feel that you are not being compensated fairly for the work that you are doing.

6) There appears to be no growth potential.

7) Quality of life is suffering as your company has changed their policy from remote or hybrid to being in the office full time.

8) The company is cutting back on benefits, days off and compensation due to higher expenses.

These are just some of the reasons that employees may decide that it’s time to move on to another company and position.

Making a job change is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. You should carefully think about if you were to make a change, what would be the essential issues that would solve the reasons that are making you unhappy at your current place of employment.

You might consider speaking with a career counselor, a human resources professional or a highly skilled recruiter to help you decide which direction to go.

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