The Pandemic has completely changed the way we think about “going to the office” or working overall. Most of us have had to adapt to working at home or at remote locations rather than our typical office.

Some people actually miss going to the office and others cannot imagine going back to the office.

Offices have had to adapt to a “new look” workplace that provides for more video conferencing, staggered work hours, more space between desks, the utilization of more outdoor space where possible, better air flow, improved tech capacity, the taking of temperature before entering the workplace, hybrid work days and even using more locations instead of one big corporate office.

Companies are using contactless procedures and applications including biometric access controls to order meals, enter the facilities, and even reserve a desk, parking spot or conference room.

Based upon numerous surveys that we have conducted, it appears that the “hybrid model” is the most desirable and acceptable approach being utilized by most companies for 2021.

For additional ideas on how to get your employees back to work and/or how to adapt your office to retain and attract employees, please feel free to contact: Michael Rosenblatt, President of The Quest Organization at or 212-971-0033.

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