How to Find Property Recruiting Agencies that are Right for Your Company

The real estate industry appeals to all kinds of people- and there is no shortage of people interested in job vacancies. Managing real estate staffing for your company’s accounting, operations, and property management teams can be a lot of work- which is where property recruiting agencies come in.

If you are looking for professional real estate recruiters to streamline your hiring process and find top talent to better your business- there are a few things to keep in mind during the search.

This guide to finding comprehensive recruitment services for real estate professionals covers everything you need to consider to ensure you find your perfect fit.

What Does a Property Recruiting Agency Do, and How Can It Help with Your Real Estate Staffing?

A property recruitment agency helps you find the best professionals for your business. They step in to help identify the roles you are missing, then focus on recruiting the best person for the job.

They also help with HR consulting, organization of staffing setups, advising on employee compensation and retention, and consulting on your company’s infrastructure.

Overall, they make it easier to locate top talent and fill your real estate company with value-adding hires in all the right places.

Some of the types of roles a property recruiting firm can help you fill include:

  • Real estate accountants and finance analysts
  • Property managers
  • Leasing agents
  • Operational support
  • Construction managers
  • Administrative & human resources

If you are not sure what roles your teams need to perform at their best, your perfect-fit recruiting team can help- you just need to find them first!

What Are the Benefits of Using a Professional Property Recruitment Service?

Property recruitment is about so much more than staffing. Hiring appropriate people with the valuable skills you need for each role is one thing, but the benefits of finding a great recruiting team go beyond that.

  • They can consult with you to find the gaps in your team and work out the best way to use your human resources.
  • Your recruiters can ensure you recruit the right people- while also meeting diversification requirements.
  • While you focus on providing a great service to your clients, recruiters take charge of posting ads, managing applications, scheduling interviews, and identifying the ideal candidates.
  • If you are unsure about how best to structure your real estate back office, operations, and management teams, you can consult with professionals who specialize in staff structuring for property-based businesses.
  • They can also advise on appropriate staff compensation– including wages, pensions, and health insurance.

Overall, working with property recruiters makes your life easier and your company better.

Five Top Tips for Finding Your Ideal Property Recruitment Agency

Top Tips for Finding Your Ideal Property Recruitment Agency

1: Know Your Priorities and Find an Agency that Fits

Nobody knows your business better than you- so you also know what you want from your team.

You need to work with an agency that understands and flows with your company culture- otherwise, how can you trust them to come up with staffing solutions you love?

Lay out your core values and what you want from your commercial real estate recruitment partner- including how they deal with candidates, what their processes are, and how they strive for success.

The more you have in common, the better the collaboration is likely to be.

2: Be Thorough With the Interviews

You probably wouldn’t make a direct hire without first putting them through an in-depth interview- so why hire someone to hire others without doing the same?

At the end of the day, your recruitment agency is an extension of your team and will directly impact your business development- it is vital that you ask all the questions and get all the answers before taking the next step.

3: Look Into the Firm’s Expertise and Real Estate Industry Experience

Real estate and property management is a complex world, so you need a recruiting firm with experience in the industry. Some companies have a general approach to finding exceptional talent for any industry- others only work with real estate candidates.

Decide whether you want an agency that specializes exclusively in the property and real estate industry, or one that has professional expertise in a wider range of sectors.

4: Executive Search Firm VS General Talent Acquisition: Know the Difference

There are two key types of recruiting setups: general talent and executive search firms. An executive search firm tends to focus on high-level positions- rather than general staffing.

If you are looking to fill senior-level job roles with people who have exceptional qualifications and skills, this could be the route to take.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best talent to fill your team with low to mid-level industry professionals- or need a temp to hire for short-term vacancies, then a general recruiting firm is the better choice.

5: A Little Research Goes a Long Way

If you think you have found an agency worth considering, don’t be afraid to look into them a little.

You can find a wealth of information online through references, reviews, and trusted websites that can help clarify whether or not you should make the commitment.

Final Thought

Property managing and real estate staffing have many layers- with lots of different roles to fill to make the business a success.

Organizations often get lost in the recruiting process- hindered by uncertainties about what is best for their clients and how best to use their resources.

The process of advertising for, interviewing, and securing new property staff can be laborious- but not if you have the right partner to take charge.

Using these five top tips, you can streamline your search for the perfect property recruiting service for your business.

Find the best people in the industry to help you deliver excellent client satisfaction and keep your property company running smoothly.

For a free hiring consultation on your real estate recruitment strategy, contact us at or 212-971-0033.

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