In light of the challenging situation that we are all experiencing due to the pandemic, we have found that using “temporary professionals” to fill in for people who have become ill or for other reasons are not able to fulfill their responsibilities has been quite successful.

The advantages of using “temps” through Questemps, Inc. are:

1) They can bridge the gap between those who are able to perform and those employees that cannot.
2) Hiring temporary help can also help your business adapt to work flow fluctuations from vacation, illness, disability or maternity leave and peak and seasonal periods.
3) Since they are not full time employees for your firm and are actually full time for our firm, they are not entitled to benefits through your company (cost savings).
4) They are typically flexible as to the amount of hours that they can work, which can reduce your costs if they are not working 40 hours.
5) If the workload that you have assigned to the “temp” has been completed or slows down, you can reduce their hours or eliminate the project completely, again a cost saving with no unemployment insurance issues.
6) If you are satisfied with the work performance of the “temp”, in many cases, you can convert them from “temp” to a full time employee. A very high percentage of our temporary employees are converted to full time employees.

At Questemps, Inc., we maintain the highest standards in the industry to identify and qualify candidates, so that they not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations. Staffed by CPAs with extensive backgrounds in accounting and finance, we are truly committed to providing “value added” candidates who can “hit the ground running” and not waste our client’s valuable time.

If you have the need for contract/temporary professionals, please contact: Michael Rosenblatt: or 212-971-0033 ext 313.

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