There is a significant trend for Family Offices towards Impact Investing. One of the key reasons for this trend is the desire to align family values with investment decisions.

Impact investing is an investment approach that looks to generate both financial returns and have a social impact that can be measured as well. While this appears to be a hot and trendy topic, investments in sustainable and socially responsible strategies are a very small percentage of the trillions of global assets under management currently.

Many multi-generational families are looking at how impact investing may bring them together so that they can share their values and legacies with responsible investing. Impact investing would provide a platform where their shared values can be expressed by their investment decisions. The motivation for impact investing include: contributing to the sustainable economy, succession planning, contributing to the community, risk management, wealth transfer and contributing to society overall.

For additional information on how you can begin an “Impact Investing program” for your family office, please contact Michael Rosenblatt, President of FON Search and The Quest Organization at: 212-971-0033 or via email at

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