The first step towards implementing an Impact Investing Program is to obtain a unified plan that all family members agree upon. In many cases it is helpful to have an outside party assist with getting everyone on the same page. In some cases one of the family members may become the person who takes the lead on this however it still may be helpful to have a specialist with expertise in ESG to assist the family.

The family should establish a value and vision statement that includes impact investing goals.
The next step is to educate the family members on sustainable investments which can be done through seminars, on line courses, networking and by speaking with investment managers with expertise in this area. We highly recommend using an SRI investment professional to assist with learning about all of the options available. The SRI investments today include all asset classes.

We recommend creating a balanced impact portfolio across all asset classes, to establish an integrated impact portfolio. We suggest going slowly and not committing too much but rather small amounts in the beginning. We are not an investment manager and highly recommend that you utilize someone with a proven track record and expertise in SRI investments. If interested, we can recommend those managers who have been successful with our families.

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