After speaking with numerous family offices this year, the following topics were the most often discussed:

1) Investing in Real Estate- Investors are very interested in how they can reap profits from investing in Real Estate. They want to know how they can identify the best deals and they want truly “off market” properties.

2) Cryptocurrencies and ICOs- Many of the families that we spoke to are quite interested in cryptocurrencies. They are concerned about “missing the boat” and of course taking too much risk and losing significant amounts of money, however many of the families are interested enough to get involved at some level.

3) Cybersecurity- All of the families that we spoke with were very concerned about this issue and apparently many of them are not truly prepared for any security breaches that may occur.

4) Deal Flow- Many of the families are moving toward direct investments and they are very interested in sourcing new deals. The hottest areas appear to be tech, health and wellness, artificial intelligence, fintech and real estate.

5) Philanthropy- Always a key issue, today the families are concerned about the younger generations and their commitment to philanthropy and impact investing.

6) Wealth preservation- Most of the families are genuinely concerned about the future generations ability to maintain their wealth and how they will go about managing the family businesses.

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