With inflation out of control, the stock market moving in the wrong direction and interest rates rising, what are the signs of potential layoffs?

Companies tend to have job cuts for many reasons, some of which have nothing to do with a worker’s performance.

Here are some of the signs that your company may be about to commence a program of layoffs:

1) Budget issues- when your company starts cancelling projects or stops programs that have already started.
2) Lack of work- when you start to have more free time and don’t see too many projects to work on and typically you have had too much to do.
3) Cost cutting- when your company starts scrutinizing expense reports more closely and implements stronger approval processes for certain expenses
4) Hiring freeze-when your company stops hiring and implements an overall freeze on hiring
5) Turnover at the executive level-when some of the top executives begin to leave the firm

If you should see some of the signs above at your company and would like to speak with one of our career advisors, feel free to email me at: michael.rosenblatt@questorg.com

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