Both management and social skills have taken a beating due to the pandemic. The isolation from the pandemic has had a dramatic effect on Gen Z employees and the entire workforce. By working at home and not interacting with other employees, they have not had the opportunity to develop soft skills such as presenting ideas to others, negotiating, asking questions appropriately, networking and managing others. Unfortunately, Gen Z employees have not had the chance to develop proper social skills and may even lack professionalism. Basic issues like arriving at the office on time and dressing business casual have sometimes been lost in the process as well. While many of these issues appear to be common sense to those that have been in the workforce, for those new to the workplace it is something that may need to be addressed.
Regarding management skills, this is an area that has truly been decimated. How can you learn to manage people, when you are spending all of your time in front of a computer screen at home? You cannot develop those skills at home, and we are finding that those being promoted to managerial roles based upon their individual performance, are sorely lacking in the ability to train, motivate and supervise their staff.
We recommend to get employees back to the office at a minimum on a hybrid basis, and to make sure that all employees are in the office on the same days, rather than arbitrarily. It completely defeats the purpose if you allow employees to use the hybrid method on a random basis.
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