Many companies throughout the U.S. and globally are trying to get their employees back to the office and some are even requiring them to go back after Labor Day on a full time basis. Some companies are taking advantage of those requirements and offering instead, a hybrid work arrangement or the ability to work fully remote.

With the Delta variant growing rapidly, it has caused even those companies requiring their employees back to work, to rethink their position on “getting employees back to the office”.

The Quest Organization has conducted several polls and we continue to monitor both the employer and employee reactions to the current state of affairs.

The CDC has recommended on Tuesday that even fully vaccinated people should resume wearing masks indoors in certain parts of the country where the transmission of the virus is high.

Since a large number of employees have gotten used to working remotely and not having to commute, it would be a significant change for them to then go back to the office full time and quite frankly, they don’t want to.

We are working three days a week in our office and two days remote for the time being and that has been quite successful for our staff.

Our overall opinion based on a significant amount of responses is not to require your employees back at this time but rather to continue with a remote or hybrid approach until the Delta and possibly other variants have been contained.

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