Best Ways to Attract and Retain the Best Property Managers

Why should you make sure the property manager you find is the right fit for your team? Adding the best and most talented professionals to your staff can greatly benefit your business. That’s why many companies hire seasoned property management recruiters to find the perfect candidates.

In addition, hiring the right property manager can make your office a more positive, attractive, and pleasant place to work for all your employees.

However, you shouldn’t only focus on finding and hiring qualified and licensed candidates but on retaining them. Besides benefiting your operations in terms of productivity, employee retention can help you save money.

In fact, employee attrition can cost you more than you think, as it often results in high expenses for lost productivity, risk of mis-hire, lost tribal knowledge, worker burnout, and training new staff.

Fortunately, besides working with property management recruiters, there are many ways to attract and retain talent. Find the best five strategies here!


1. What Matters to Your Staff? Identify Key Aspects

Before searching for the ideal property manager, you must identify what is important to your staff. Taking a look at your current team can help you understand what attracts and retains the skilled professionals you have right now.

What You Should Consider

What do your employees value? Do you offer advancement opportunities? Are your staff spending enough time with their families or having fun? What do they excel at and love doing?

Ideally, you should have short but private and meaningful conversations with each of your property management professionals to find out what motivates them to stay with your company.

Why Is This Important?

If you get to know your staff, understand what matters to your employees, and offer solutions to their common problems or needs, you’ll make them happy. That’s what you want for both your current and new employees.

However, remember that this conversation shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Start with small talks and an icebreaker before delving into the main topic.


2. Use Incentives to Attract High-Caliber Candidates

Use Incentives to Attract High-Caliber Candidates

A good employee can help you bring in another good candidate. Your property managers interact with hundreds of people every day. In addition, they know what your company needs.

Your employees can be active property management recruiters and help you find professionals who can be a good fit for your company and take your business to the next level.

Incentivize your Staff

However, you must offer something in exchange for their help. This is where incentives come in. Most companies give employees cash bonuses or more time off if they refer a qualified and licensed candidate, for example.

Why Is This Important?

Although you must invest some money, recruiting and onboarding a new staff member is much more expensive. In addition, a direct hire resulting from a referral can also help you save on advertising costs.

A study conducted by LinkedIn showed that companies could expand their talent pool by 10x if they recruit new candidates through their employees’ networks.


3. Define your Value Proposition – What Can You Offer As a Brand?

Property management companies must have a strong internal identity to attract qualified candidates. Also, it’s important to define and know what they can offer as employers.

Would working for you boost someone’s career? Is your company recognized in the property management industry? Have you received awards?

When looking for new candidates, you have to offer something valuable, even if you only have to cover temporary staffing needs. Many property managers have good jobs with great salaries.

Why Is This Important?

If you work with seasoned property management recruiters, they will headhunt “passive” candidates who aren’t actively looking for a new job. However, these efforts won’t pay off if you don’t offer attractive benefits.

Besides paying attention to your internal identity, you should also make your outward appearance match what new employees will find inside.

Every marketing resource you use should communicate your value proposition to your current customers and any other parties your business interacts with. You must let everyone know who you are and what you offer.

Make Your Company Shine

When your company reflects your identity from its core, the best property managers will want to align themselves with your company.

In simple terms, you must build a good reputation and image. Over 80% of job seekers value these aspects when looking for a position and choosing potential employees.


4. Improve Your Training Program or Define It If There Isn’t One

Are you looking for a regional manager who specializes exclusively in multi-family properties?

Do you plan to hire property management recruiters with extensive nationwide expertise placing qualified candidates in home-owner associations?

In both scenarios, training is one of the most valuable and attractive benefits you can offer.

What to Consider

This program shouldn’t be limited to the property management industry.

You know your company firsthand, but there are many unknown aspects for prospective employees.

However, offering a comprehensive training program can offer reassurance to new team members.

If you want to attract top candidates for an open position, even if you work with property management recruiters, make sure people inside and outside of your company know that you offer a training program.

This will show that any suitable candidate can become the ideal employee, which expands your talent pool and the number of prospects.


5. Flexibility and Other Benefits

Flexibility and Other Benefits

A big part of your efforts to attract the right candidates is related to the benefits you offer.

An executive search firm can identify the best talent for property management companies. However, the benefits your company offers can make the right candidate less or more excited and interested in joining your team.

Common Benefits

The most successful companies often offer attractive employee benefits, including the following:

  • Work-from-home days
  • Free lunches
  • Bonuses
  • Birthday leave
  • And more

What to Consider

What perks do you offer to attract and retain the best candidates? Remember that these benefits can make your property management company much more competitive.

Do you remember the first strategy? Knowing what your employees truly value can also help you define benefits that could make them happy and attract qualified candidates.


Final Thoughts – A Great Company Culture Is Crucial for Attracting and Retaining Property Managers

Property management firms hoping to find the right employees should start by improving their company culture.

Even if they work with a reputable executive search firm or seasoned property management recruiters, creating a positive working environment is key for keeping current employees and potential newcomers interested in joining their teams.

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