The business world has been affected significantly by the pandemic, and some of the effects will be for the long term and others short-term. One key area that has become a key issue is “remote working” and even “remote hiring” and ” remote onboarding of employees”.

With so many companies moving to remote working especially when the pandemic was at the highest level of spreading, it has changed the way employees and employers view their jobs and their quality of life.

For those companies where remote or hybrid working is a viable option, it has become the preferred solution by employees. To go from working completely at home to going to the office 5 days a week is a very challenging transition for many employees. Issues such as child care, caring for others with health issues, commuting time etc, many of the employees that we have spoken with and surveyed will not go back to working full time in an office, which has led to part of the “great resignation of 2021”.

We are recommending that if you want to get your employees back to work in the office that you start by offering the “hybrid model”, which can be 2-3 days in the office to start, and then eventually moving to 4 or 5 days in the office over a period of time.

We are also suggesting that you read one of our previous articles on the 4 day work week.

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