Employee turnover can be quite expensive and disruptive. It is much less costly to retain your employees than to go out and hire someone to replace them. The two biggest challenges that Human Resource professionals are facing at the current time are retaining and recruiting talent.

Here are some suggestions on how to retain employees in the current environment:

1. Employee recognition and appreciation- one of the biggest reasons that employees leave their current employer is that they don’t feel appreciated. This can be accomplished through a culture of recognizing employees for their good work.
Writing personal notes and thanking them personally rather than a quick email that appears generic and is sent to everyone. You can also compliment them in front of their group or department and even create an award system to recognize exemplary performance.

2. Create flexible work arrangements for your employees. Since the pandemic a large percentage of employees have adapted to working at home and are still getting their job done without having to travel to the office. This has allowed them to take care of their children, other family members, pets, etc., and get personal things done in the time that they were using to commute. If that could work for your company, today this is one of the most significant issues that candidates are expressing to us, as they seek a new position. We are recommending the “hybrid” working approach for now and until the pandemic is finally resolved. It will allow a transition back to the office rather than going from working at home to going to the office everyday.

If you need assistance retaining your employees and/or attracting additional employees, please contact Michael F. Rosenblatt at Michael@questorg.com

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