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Our contingency division places candidates across all levels with a focus on real estate, family office, construction, financial services, and not for profit.

We work with you to hand pick each strategic new hire, because we understand every new professional can change the dynamic and the culture of your business.
Our recruitment process is so precise, we know that we can meet our clients’ needs with only a few candidates — we’ve even achieved success with just one candidate!

Needless to say, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How much time could our consultative, precision approach save your organization?

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Contingency Search FAQ

What Does a Contingency Search Firm Typically Do?

A contingency recruiter aims to identify the right talent for openings that a client may have. The reason for the name is the way the payment model works. Typically, payment occurs after a successful hire is made and the candidate commences employment. This kind of arrangement is known as a “contingency fee.” At The Quest Organization, our contingency recruiters aim to ensure that we properly evaluate and identify those who are most appropriate to our clients from both a qualification and fit perspective.

Contingent recruitment agency work should always encapsulate the strategy and structure of the business being served, and we can guarantee that this forms a part of the approach we take.

If I Were to HireThe Quest Organization for My Contingency Recruitment Needs, How Would It Differ from Seeking Talent Myself?

Our difference is twofold. We are the kind of contingency recruiter that combines industry experience with our people identification skills. It is one of the things that makes our quality-over-quantity model as successful as it is.

If you are aiming to identify quality talent, you would be hard-pressed to find contingency recruiting firms more suited for the task than we are.

Our process is tried and tested, so much so that our precision has allowed us to meet client needs with no more than a few candidates.

In fact, we have achieved success before with only a single candidate.

To What Extent Will We Be Involved in the Contingent Recruiting Process?

As your contingency recruiting firm, you trust us to ensure that all elements of the job description are accounted for.

With that said, we don’t simply go off into a silo to pick someone and then return to you in the contingency recruiting process. We believe that the best workflow is one that sees contingency recruiting firms working closely with their clients. After all, a qualified candidate can change your business dynamic or culture.

What’s the Appropriate Channel to Use if I Want to Reach out about Contingent Search Questions or Concerns That I May Have?

First, you can visit the contact us page on our website and fill out the short form provided with your details and whatever questions or comments you may have, after which we will get back to you.

Alternatively, you may give us a call at 212-971-0033 or email us at for contingency recruitment.

How Does The Quest Organization Approach the Contingent Recruitment Process?

Once you contact us and indicate a need for our recruitment services, we will set up a meeting to better understand your environment and the needs you may have throughout the contingency recruiting process.

Subsequently, we will submit a proposal that will include the fee agreement. We will then designate an internal team to identify the candidates and will eventually present details on roughly three to five qualified candidates.

After this, someone from our contingency recruitment agency arrange client/candidate meetings, help with negotiations and keep in contact until the employment engagement starts.

With that, we simply maintain a long-term relationship with both parties with routine follow-ups.

What Are Some of the Core Values That Make The Quest Organization Suitable as a US Contingency Recruiting Agency?

We would have to say that qualitative efficiency, a holistic approach, and reliability/trust are what best describes our philosophy.

If My Company Were to Attempt to Procure a Consultation on Its Employee Retention Strategy, What Kind of Costing Model Would Be Used?

Even as a contingency recruiter, we have different arrangements with our clients and this will usually be based on what is required of us to ensure that you end up with the most suitable candidate possible.

Therefore, the fee agreement tends to form a part of the proposal that we put forward. Of course, you are under no obligation just by receiving the proposal, so you are free to review and ensure that it falls within the confines of your budget.

What Are Some of the Typical Advantages of Hiring Contingency Executive Recruiters?

Remember that working with us means that you have recruitment specialists on your side. Having such people in-house will usually require an expense that you may not be too keen on.

Additionally, there isn’t a long-term commitment on your end. Though our contingency recruiting process emphasizes maintaining a lasting relationship, business engagements will typically be from project to project.

Finally, since this is our area of specialty, we are highly likely not only to deliver the kind of candidate you need, but we can also do it within the timeframe established, provided it is reasonable.

What Are Some of the Things I Should Always Aim to Ensure That a Contingency Recruiting Firm Does Before Hire?

Contingency recruiters tend to ensure that they have the necessary elements in place if they are reputable. Nevertheless, here is what you want to see when you hire one:

  • Working with you is essential. While a job description is a great guide, it doesn’t always capture company culture and personality fit.
  • Up-to-date tools are always assets. The world of contingency recruitment continues to evolve as technology does. For example, some areas can be much more data-driven now, and you’ll need an agency that embraces the future in this regard.
  • Strong representation is a must. Remember that the recruiter is essentially an extension of your business, so you’ll at least want to know that candidates are being treated well and being given the correct information.

How Do Retained Recruiters Differ from Contingency Recruiters?

The real difference is in the fee structure. Since a retained search is on a “retainer,” payment is upfront, while contingency recruiters are paid based on success. Retained searches are also performed on an exclusive basis, whereas contingency searches allow clients more flexibility.

What Is The Quest Organization’s Approach to Diversity?

Diversity and equity are two principles near and dear to us, as we believe in inclusivity and demonstrating humanity through compassion and care.

What Industries Do You Focus on as a Contingency Recruiter?

Our focus is on real estate, construction, finance, family office, and non-profit industries.