Streamlining Administrative Operations with Construction Recruiters

Construction recruiting is not just about contractors and tradespeople- there is also an entire office operation, handling admin, finance, contracts, and your network.

Placing top talent into vital roles behind the scenes of your construction company does wonders for productivity.

Using construction recruiters to advertise office-based construction career opportunities and screen applications helps you find the best candidate for each role, making it easier for your company to achieve more.

Why are office professionals so important for productivity in construction? Here are just a few of the reasons.


What Role do Office Professionals Play in the Construction Industry?

There are many office-based roles that are essential in construction companies. Some apply to any business, such as admin staff, HR managers, a financial team, and customer service agents, but others are more specific to the industry.

Many construction businesses employ executive-level people management experts to handle scheduling and workforce movement, which can be complex when you work with multiple contractors from outside your circle.

Other roles take care of contracts and licenses, and some larger offices also have a safety and risk management department.

Professional construction recruitment services target talent that can bring something to the table to improve productivity in your construction business.


How Can an Effective Office Team Improve Productivity in Construction Companies?

Effective Office Team

Without the proper expertise and skills in your office team, the productivity of your on-site construction workers can grind to a halt- ultimately damaging your business, its growth, and its reputation. Staying productive keeps you in business, and the office professionals you employ are vital in making that happen.

Here are some of the ways they improve productivity overall.

Better Time Management and Schedule Organization

One of the biggest issues in the construction industry is time management for getting jobs done and meeting deadlines. Being busy is good, but what is not good is damaging your reputation because you can’t complete projects within a reasonable time frame.

Poor scheduling plays a big part in this. Often, double bookings or missed items can set you back weeks or even months on construction jobs, so having somebody with a deep understanding of how things work, how long they take, and how to efficiently manage people’s time is essential.

Focus on Business Development Behind the Scenes

While building development happens on-site, business development happens in the office with your senior executives and corporate board members. Productivity must be seen at every level of a company, and that includes driving its overall success forward by setting goals and taking steps to reach them.

Build and Maintain Relationships with Specialty Contractors and General Contractors

There are so many construction roles in the practical field that it is not always possible to have every skill in your direct employment. Sometimes, hiring outside contractors is necessary to remain productive and successfully complete a job.

It is also an important part of human resources for construction companies to have partnerships with trusted contractors they can reach out to for any job where their services are required. Having a good association with this talent is the responsibility of your human resources and management team, so it is important to fill those positions with the perfect candidates.

Networking to Find and Secure Construction Jobs for the Field Team

It is difficult to be productive if there is no work to be done. Construction firms rely heavily on a network of contacts that can open up opportunities. Office-based construction professionals communicate and connect with real estate developers, commercial property owners, and other building companies to secure contracts and keep the workflow steady.

Take Care of the Little Things so Jobs Can Move Quicker and Smoother

In a construction job, the little things are often the most important, because they make it possible for the work to go ahead unhindered, safely, and efficiently. Productivity grinds to a halt if the correct orders are not placed on time, licenses are wrong or missing, or the right team members are not where they need to be when they need to be.

Payments and permits are every bit as important as bricks and mortar, and it is the office team’s job to make sure these things are organized on time so that nothing gets in the way of progress on site.


What Are the Essential Leadership Positions in the Construction Industry?

A recruiting firm for the construction industry looks to fill many roles, and office-based positions are some of the most important. You need accounting staff, administrative assistants, HR personnel, and much more, but it all begins at the top.

Some of the management-level roles that are important in construction recruitment include:

  • An executive vice president: As the CEO or president of a construction company, it is important to have a second in command who you trust entirely to handle the bulk of operations when you cannot.
  • Senior executives for each department: Depending on the size of your business, you may need a senior executive for sales, networking, finance, human resources, and practical construction.
  • A director for important departments: Again, the specific director roles required will depend on how big your operation is.
  • Your corporate board: Corporate board members are vital for the business side of construction and the future of your company, so it is important to recruit the right people to fill the seats.


What Skills Does a Construction Executive Search Firm Look For in Candidates?

Construction industry recruiters searching for executive-level talent look for individuals with proven success in productivity, people management, and organization. Previous experience in the world of construction is certainly beneficial, but it does not always equate to the best candidates.

Some of the attributes which construction recruiters look for in candidates include:

  • Excellent organization skills
  • Understanding of the construction industry
  • Ability to interact with employees and clients
  • Impeccable time management
  • The relevant specialist skills for each role
  • Passion for construction
  • Previous experience in an executive role (if applicable or preferred)
  • A resume that is professional and well-balanced



Productivity in construction companies

Some of the most important work for driving productivity in construction companies happens in the office. Filling these roles with people who understand the culture and goals of your business is essential, and a construction recruiter can help you do that.

It is easy to underestimate the value of what goes on behind the scenes in this industry, but doing so can significantly decrease how productive your on-site team can be. From the highest executive right through every level of your office team, placing the right candidate in the right position has a positive impact on your productivity and business overall.

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